Highrise API

Below is the documentation for the Highrise API.

Namespaces needed to run the api
using DotNet37Signals.Client.Highrise;
using DotNet37Signals.Client.Highrise.Contracts;
using DotNet37Signals.Client.Highrise.Models;

Extantiate the client class
var username = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["username"];
var password = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["password"];
var company = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["company"];
var keepAliveEnabled = Convert.ToBoolean(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["keepAliveEnabled"]);

var credentials = new Credentials(username, password, company, keepAliveEnabled);
var client = new HighriseClient(credentials);

Highrise Services


// GET /account.xml
var account = client.GetContract<IAccountContract>().Get();

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